10 Simple Techniques to Channeling Our Inner Happiness ღ

By Tasha Alexander

Here are 10 simple techniques that will help channel your higher self, attract positive energy and boost your mood instantly. I have been practicing these ever since I was a little girl and never really knew why, only with the intention that it made me feel better… I would love to share them with you!


1. Out with the old and in with the new!

Get rid of the old stuff, especially if it no longer serves you. Think of it like this… Everything in your home is vibrating at a certain frequency. In other words it has its own energy surrounding it. Take a look around your home and ask yourself: does this hold a purpose for me? Go through your closet and donate what you haven’t worn in ages, get rid of the weeks old left-overs in the fridge, clean up the garbage around the house, clean out your purse/wallet of old papers, bills or receipts. Let go of the things you never use and create space for new energy to grow and prosper.

2. Become more present in your waking life

We often take for granted the beauty of simplicity. In today’s society we are being constantly distracted by so many sources, especially social media. Some days we need to take a deep breath, disconnect ourselves from the internet and focus on what serves us – the moment! Did you know that being present is a form of meditation?


We have to learn to reprogram our minds to be consciously aware of what is going on around us and not so lost-in-space staring at our phones. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? It is in the present moment, that our conversations with others become a lot more enlightening and uplifting. The food that you eat starts to taste that much better! You will start to create more meaningful connections wit those you love. Smiles become a lot more contagious. Your surroundings become more vibrant. Everything changes and your life becomes better. Whenever you feel like your drifting off into thought at an important meeting or find yourself anywhere other then where you are in that moment, take notice and start to focus on your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, change your posture, roll your shoulders back and stack your spine. Grab hold of the moment once again.

3. Stop taking things personally

This is definitely a tough one for me, I honestly have to practice this every single day. When someone isn’t making you feel good (whether they are consciously aware of it or not) know that it isn’t about you at all. The way someone may be acting or treating you is a reflection of what is going on in their own life and the challenges they may be facing. They are projecting their own issues onto you. Really think about that for yourself for a second… It may be easy to understand the concept of not taking something personally. However I want you to take a moment to actually apply it to your life. Think of a recent scenario where someone didn’t make you feel good, try your absolute best to put yourself in their shoes and think about one possible reason as to why someone would have done or said what they did. (Not excusing their actions here but we are coming to terms as to how their behavior does not involve you.) Everyone is facing their own battles. Don’t let the poor energy of someone else effect your vibrant one. Everyone is a mirror of each other, a problem they may have with you is actually a reflection of what they have with themselves. One of my favourite quotes by Maya Angelou is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Make it a daily mission to feel good, do good and project exactly that on to others.

4. Self-Nurture

This is a big one. There are many of us that after a long day at work we look upon somebody else to nurture and pamper ourselves. There are also some that fall into a routine where they often forget about their own needs. I’ve seen it many times, especially with my sweet mother (In which I am sure most of us can relate too). Here is a woman that has worked so damn hard for everything that she has, yet she forgets to treat herself! My mom is constantly giving: giving to charities, to her family, putting her time and effort into her home and never to herself! I remember when she treated herself to a pedicure for the first time in ages! I couldn’t believe it, it was such a rare occasion. I actually wanted to listen to her whole entire experience, I was so thrilled for her… “How was it?! Did you have a good time? What colour did your pick? Is that your new nail salon now? Looks great!” She rolled her eyes and smiled. If I had it my way, she would be pampered every single day!

The question we really should really be asking ourselves is: Have you given to yourself today? Self-nurture is so essential to our well-being. When we feel good, we look good. When we look good and feel good, we do good! I want this world to do more good. I want to do more good to each other, to ourselves and this beautiful planet we live on. I personally will treat myself to coconut water, possibly some dark chocolate (Okay this happens a lot), a yoga class or a bubble bath.


Think of yourself like a plant, you need water, love and nurturing to grow. I am giving you a reminder to treat yourself today and every day in some good way. Do what makes your soul happy. Nurture your mind with books, TED talks, documentaries and movies. Nurture your body with a hot showers, bubble bath, massages, a tasty dinner (don’t forget your veggies!!). Nurture your soul with music, other people who warm your heart and pure love.

5. Open your arms to Love & Laughter

Sometimes the only thing we need is a good laugh, maybe an everlasting hug or surrounded with great people. Where is it that you find laughter and love in your life? Even when you’re alone, where is the love within you? I can’t keep count the number of times I made myself laugh by acting really silly, whether it was pretending to be Olivia Newton-John in the movie Greece or having a conversation with myself out loud in the Mr.Bean voice (Yeah, I went there). Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Give a friend a call and talk about the good memories you’ve had with each other, watch a funny movie (My boyfriend, his daughter and I love watching Anchor Man with Will Ferrell. Seriously too funny and it never gets old). Be silly!! Put on some upbeat music, dance and sing. Bring in light-hearted energy! Surround yourself with love! Why not.

6. Believe in yourself

This one is important and a daily affirmation we should be saying to ourselves. To believe in yourself is to simply have confidence. Confident with the decisions you make and the person that you are. Focus on the things that have a positive impact to your self-confidence and keep surrounding yourself with exactly that. You have to empower yourself, believe and have faith in yourself. Empower your self-esteem especially. Believe in You, Believe in your Universe. Whatever you believe your mind will achieve. Better believe the good stuff.

7. Count your blessings! Be the walkin’ talkin’ definition of Grateful.

The power of gratitude – where do I even begin?

Gratitude attracts an abundance of positive energy and opportunities. It magnifies, multiples and aligns you with your higher self and ultimate well-being. Gratitude puts us back in order with appreciation for what we have and what we desire to create. Create a gratitude journal, a jar, box or just say it out loud as much as you want. Gratitude attracts our inner peace and happiness.

8. Be mindful of what you are saying – Stop complaining!

Go a day without complaining, then a week, then a month – Now try for a full year.
I know, it’s easier said then done that’s for sure. We all are going to have our good and bad days. We have also become subject to the negative things that are going on in this world from our local news stations, the radio and the internet. I firmly believe that throughout all of this, we have to do our absolute best to move forward with our best intentions. If something goes left – go right. Choose to put your best foot forward and become more mindful of your reactions to your every day life events.


9. Using only positive and glorious words when talking about ourselves!

This is a must. Highlight it, write it down, memorize it, stick it on the bathroom mirror.
“I am beautiful” “I am intelligent” “I make these jeans look freaking amazing” “I’m going to own it at my interview today” “People look up to me for guidance and advice” “I am who I am because I fought to become her”.

We live in a world today that is constantly trying to tell us who to be, how to act, what to like, what to wear… the list goes on! With this, we tend to give ourselves negative self talk. “I’m not good enough” “I’m not going to get the job” “What’s the point?” or “I’ll never be as pretty as her” Stop it! Do you even realize how you are speaking to your wonderful self? You are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Talk highly of yourself always. Promise me.

10. Honoring those whom we love!

Cherish the people in your life that love you for you. Whether they are half way across the country or in the next room. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Do onto others as you would like done onto yourself.

By:  Tasha Alexander


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  1. Joan

    In our world of so much turmoil it is a pleasure to be reminded of the positive, beautiful life we have.

    Thank you

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