City Top 10 is an exclusive online business directory that features the Top 10 most recommended businesses nominated by travelers and local consumers. Once we receive a public nomination or recommendation on behalf of a local business we will then begin our research. City Top 10 has a set of qualifications and guidelines that must be met for the consideration of a Top 10 listing. We research the local businesses reviews, products, services and look into the overall reputation within the community to determine a placement into the Top 10.

Our mission is to connect a customer with a reputable and reliable local business or professional within seconds. Our goal is to provide a unique online directory that both customers and businesses can be a part of. Our motto is to discover the city treasures then share the gems with everyone. Promoting the best businesses that have been nominated by people who use and recommend their product or services is what we are all about.

how-it-works-1We respect family owned and owner operated businesses that have excelled and expanded over the years to earn their position as a top leading local business in their city.

We are proud of those who deliver the best service experience day after day. Respectful business owners and dedicated employees who are happy to go the extra mile.

how-it-works-2Whether you are local or visiting for the holidays, City Top 10 strives to be the number one source to find the best local businesses the city has to offer!

What makes our directory different than the rest?

Each popular business category on City Top 10 will be limited to feature the Top 10 local companies only, creating a distinct and valuable position in the local marketplace.

how-it-works-3City Top 10 is growing quickly! Our nomination page keeps us very busy expanding the category lists and adding more top rated businesses to the 10 major cities across Canada.

Are you impressed by a local business or professional, Let us Know! Go to our Nominations page and tell us about your experience.



From all of us at City Top 10, thank you for supporting your community and the local economy.