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Professional Listing


Professional listing displays a featured business banner to the listing and is promoted for 12 months. Includes full search engine optimization using meta tag descriptions pertaining to your business. Featured listings are shared on popular social networks for increased exposure. City Top 10 featured business logo granted for websites, vehicles and store fronts.

Professional Listing Includes:


✔  Professional Listing is featured for 12 months

 Expedited Research into your business for quick listing acceptance

✔  Business Description social links, website & contact information

✔  Google Map directions (GPS) Linked map location to your business

✔  Recognized Reviews for your business by Google searches (Reviews from the web)

✔  City Top 10  Graphic Logo for use on your website, social networks, store fronts, etc.

 SEO listing for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

✔  Multiple Franchise Locations with Full Login Access to edit your business listings

✔  Professional Listing displays a featured banner for maximum exposure

 Managed Meta Tag business listing for optimized ranking in browser searches

 Ad Campaign – Your business listing shared on popular social media networks

 ✔  Ad Free Page – No flash ads or banner ads shown on your listing page

 ✔  Opportunity to Offer discounts, promotions, tickets sales, etc.

 ✔  Top Rated business listing featured in a unique and prestigious Top 10 list

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Supporting Local Business

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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