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Listing Submissions:

Our review process can take some time, it’s important to follow our guidelines and suggestions to ensure the quickest approval time for a business listing to be published.

Why is my listing still pending?  The most important steps with signing up for a business listing on City Top 10 is reading and following the set guidelines and Qualifications☆

Another important step is to carefully read the listing descriptions and to add all the required information on the sign up page. Including the minimum 3 photos + business logo uploads. Our listing pages are designed to feature a minimum of 3 images in the header section of each listing to work correctly.

Image Sizing:  Mentioned in the sign up page is the suggested image sizing for the best viewing experience of the listing. We care very much about the quality and authenticity of the listings when viewed on the directory.

We understand that resizing and renaming your images can be a task but the benefits are best represented back towards your business. A good marketing tip is to rename your images to best describe the image or include your business name as your listing photos can be displayed on the internet.

Understanding the Listing Plans:

The Bronze Star Listing is a full page ad-free business listing offered as a free 1 year trial to get started. Available to nominated businesses and new business registrations. All registered businesses go through the review process in order to qualify for publishing.

The Bronze Star supports one single business listing. Multiple locations need to be unlocked by purchasing a premium listing plan such as the Silver or Gold.

A second listing can then be awarded a 1 year free trial Bronze Star plan.

A business can upgrade from a Bronze to an Indexed Silver Star or Gold listing at any time using their dashboard-listings section.

Claiming a Listing:

The easiest way to claim your listing or a listing is to simply sign up on the City Top 10 main page to create your account profile.

Once your profile has been created, locate your listing or the listing in which you want to claim. On the listing page located on the right side *click on the text that says Claim Now! A verification window will appear where you need to add the information requested. Your best email is very important in this step. In the verification box simply type in your business category *Example: Bakery, Hair Salon, Plumbing etc.

After this process is completed please wait for an email that will be sent to you with a link so you may place your order for the Silver or Gold Star listing plan.

Please look carefully on the order page as there are Buttons that need to be selected to proceed to the next step. The following page will also need to have the “Terms and Conditions Box Checked” in order to proceed.

Once purchased you will have claimed your listing and an Invoice will be sent to you. Any troubles or issues please contact us right away and we can guide you through the process.

Login or Sign in Troubles:

There are several different ways to sign in at the City Top 10 website. You can login directly using the main City Top 10 registration form or you can now sign in using social networks such as Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you are having troubles logging in, please read the troubleshooting tips below or contact us directly for help.

1. If you have signed in on the City Top 10 main page using your social account but you have noticed the sign in icon at the top right of the screen is not showing you are logged in. Simply select another page away from the main page or view a listing and you will notice that you are logged in and you can click on your profile picture to see your dashboard. Sometimes the site can experience slow load times and lag when signing in.

2. Security – We use Re-Captcha and other login security measures to ensure our website is safe for all who sign up or sign in. This is necessary for the security of this website on the world wide internet.

3. Security – We use additional security measures to help protect our website against multiple login attempts that could be interpreted as spam or attacks. If you have troubles signing in or cannot seem to login at all please contact us and let us know. Accidental blocking of a legitimate i.p. address can happen when multiple logins are attempted within a short time.

If You Have Noticed an Issue or If You Have any Questions or Concerns:

Please let us know so we may address the issue or concerns immediately. Send us a message using the Contact Us button below or simply let us know using the comment section below. Thank you!