Let Happiness be the Intention for Today and Everyday

When we wake up each day, we are blessed with the decision to choose happiness. We have to instantly let go of our fears, regrets, past scenarios that play over and over again in our minds. Let go of having the need to control certain situations in our life.

When we wake up each day, we have the opportunity to choose to be happy and live for each moment of the day, to the best of our ability!
Set an intention first thing in the morning:
Today, I choose happiness”.
When we do this, we allow space for miracles to happen. We start to train ourselves on a new way of thinking. We are literally programming our minds and adjusting a huge part of ourselves for the greater good, for our highest power.
Shine bright like the sun. Today is your day.
Whatever you decide make sure that it makes you happy.
Watch your life change in the most beautiful way.

Let happiness be the intention for today and everyday!

and plus, happiness looks great on you.

Written by: Tasha Alexander

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  1. Lee Maddison

    Thank you for this inspirational thought today ♥

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