Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery

Highly Competitive, Affordable Pricing & Free “At-Your-Door” Delivery

We all love our pets, but sometimes love’s just not enough to keep us from forgetting to pick up pet food. At times we’re just so busy, or really tired, and it would be terrific if someone could take care of this for us, especially if there was no charge for this convenience.

At Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery it’s easy, free, and reliable!  Our Premium, nutritious, grain-free, health enhancing, and balanced-diet cat and dog foods taste great as well!

Our Premium pet foods are made from Canadian-sourced wholesome ingredients, many from British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, and we use meat products found on ethical and humane farms. Our diets are nutritionally balanced, as well as being grain-free, easily digestible, health-enhancing and tasty. Our manufacturer operates a leading-edge facility, and has earned the pet industry’s highest accreditation for food handling, storage, processing, and inspection.

You can choose a recurring fixed-date (bi-weekly or monthly) delivery system, so you never have to worry about making a late night run to the store! Refer your friends and SAVE! And you don’t have to be home for your delivery (although we’d love to catch up on your pet’s latest news!), as we will leave your pet food at any designated spot (garage, shed, neighbour).

So, if you are working late, taking the kids to their activities, too darn tired to go out and you want to avoid fighting traffic, busy parking lots, big line-ups at the store and lugging heavy food bags…

Homeward Bound Pet Food is pleased to offer the following:

  • Free “At-Your-Door” Delivery
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Premium Grain-Free Products
  • Canadian-Sourced Wholesome Ingredients
  • Food Manufacturer with Highest Industry Accreditation
  • Convenient, Reliable, Worry-Free Service
  • Flexible or Fixed-Date Delivery Dates
  • Highly Competitive and Affordable Pricing

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