Paradigm Auto Works

Shift Into Excitement with Paradigm Auto Works.

At Paradigm Auto Works our team is dedicated to bring and maintain your vehicle to it’s full potential.  Safety is our number 1 priority.  Power,  Performance or Fuel Economy come second.   With our teams knowledge, experience and skills, your vehicle will always be in good hands.  Come experience the new standard in automotive.

Our Philosophy is to continue the pursuit of perfection, stay on top of today’s technology and refine our workmanship.

Specializing in vehicle performance upgrades, dyno tuning, and Motorsports design and engineering . Furthermore we also do regular automotive repairs, engine rebuilding and regular maintenance services.

As a fully licensed vehicle inspection facility, Paradigm Auto Works can take care of Out of Province, JDM Vehicles and Police Issued vehicle inspections.

We film YouTube and Instagram videos weekly featuring current builds, specialty vehicles, dyno runs and events.

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Nanaimo Street 3030 A
Victoria V8T 4Z1 BC CA
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Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM