The City Top 10 business directory is a reliable source for people seeking quick information for the best products and services close to where they live, work and shop. We research and review the reviews of all registered and publicly nominated businesses to ensure they meet the “Top 10 Business” requirements.

☆ Qualifications for a Top 10 Listing ☆


citytop10faviconBusiness must sign up & register or have a public Nomination on their behalf

citytop10faviconSuccessful operation of business for a minimum of 2 years

citytop10faviconBusiness has an online review with an overall 4+ rating on Google or other review sites


Company has helpful staff and a well maintained interior and exterior to their location

citytop10faviconA reputable business that provides the best service and/or product to their customers

citytop10faviconBusiness has a website and “Active” social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

citytop10faviconBusiness shows they care about their customers, employee’s and achievements

citytop10faviconCompany address and website information searchable by Google


Applicant must upload a minimum of 1 to 3 good quality images such as a company logo, store front photo, staff, or interior / exterior images.

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1. Qualifications and Nominations

Not just any business can be listed on the City Top 10 directory, The qualifications and public nominations are the set standard used to determine the unique Top 10 business listing. If the qualifications are met, a local business may be nominated or they can simply add their listing for free while we conduct our research and review to approve them for a qualified Bronze Star Listing.

2. Research, Review and Approval

When City Top 10 receives a public nomination for a local business, we begin our research. This is to ensure that the local business or professional meet with all of the required City Top 10 qualification guidelines. When approved by the results the business listing is immediately published and featured in a Top 10 industry category.

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3. Let’s Get Discovered

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is, now you can showcase your business and achievements with a unique directory listing. Our Silver Star business listings will appear throughout the website and will be searchable on all internet search engines by visitors interested in similar places.

City Top 10 Business Listings Viewed on Search Engine Pages

Shown below is how a City Top 10 Business Listing looks like when viewed on search engine pages such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

(Without Reviews)

(With Reviews)

We care about the quality, impression and look of the business listings at City Top 10. Before we publish a listing we make sure the listing has accurate information and the best quality images available. City Top 10’s goal is to ensure that every business listed is 100% satisfied with the listing and information provided. Contact us at any time to request image or information additions or removal.

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