The Homecoming 

Victoria Landmark

Here’s a beautiful Victoria Monument by sculptor Nathan Scott. Located along the causeway by the scenic inner harbour of downtown Victoria, British Columbia. It was unveiled in 2010 to celebrate the 100th year of the Canadian Navy, and is a moving tribute to officers coming home to loved ones.

Photo by Lee Maddison – Summer of 2016 – Posted to Facebook – @citytop10

“Millennium Peace” A Touchstone of Gratitude

Victoria Landmark

millennium-peace%22-monument-city-top-10The “Millennium Peace” Monument is a beautiful touchstone of gratitude located at Clover Point in Victoria, British Columbia.

“From many directions we have come
At peace with Nature we are one
Always Free – Semper Liber.”
A gift to all the people from Maarten & Nadina Shaddelee

Earth Day April 22nd 2000 – Photo by Lee Maddison Posted to Instagram – @citytop10

An Orca Mother and Her Calf

Victoria Landmark


This beautiful hedge displaying an Orca mother and her calf is one of the most photographed sculptures by visiting tourists to the picturesque inner harbour of Victoria, British Columbia.

Photo taken in the summer of 2016 by Lee Maddison – Posted to Instagram – @citytop10

The Big Wooden Scuba Diver

Victoria Landmark


The Big Wooden Scuba Diver located in the city of Sidney Victoria, British Columbia. The diver was carved from a single, 80-foot tall standing red cedar tree by Alan C. Porter in the mid-1980s, then donated to the town by the Hotel Sidney-now the Sidney Waterfront Inn and Spa.

Photo taken in the summer of 2016 by Lee Maddison – Posted to Instagram – @citytop10

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